The 2014 TA Viper from Dodge

This car has the largest engine put in a production car. With an 8.4 liter V10. The Viper has pride in this title which is why the car is designed around the engine. Even though it has a beautiful design internally and externally. The car has a very large engine that makes about 640hp.The car also cost over $100,000 which gives it a very large price tag for the average consumer. With this price tag though the buyer knows they got a whole lot of car with a whole lot of history.

The car has a very long front end in order to fit the engine. It has a very sleek and sporty designed with a wide wheel base. The car has a break light on the back of it that is a viper the symbols of the car.

Overall the car is expensive and will eat at any bodies wallet as far as fuel economy. The Viper has a very pristine title though of knowing that you have gotten the largest engine on the market  although it may not be the most power, the fastest, or have the highest top end. It will still go very fast when you need it to. The car is also very good looking and will be easily recognized when driving down the street just by the noise alone. Its a great car that needs to be driven.



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