The 2014 Camaro

2014 Chevrolet Camaro

This car is a part of American history. It went to competition with the Ford Mustang and lost in terms of sales in the past. Can this good old muscle spark new light?

Well the look is very nice and there is a Zl1 model which has the power and the looks of a great muscle car. It has the feel and the engine. The Camaro has had many models made each with different engine for instance the Zl1 model has a V8 with lots of power but its a convertible which raises insurances, increases weight, and decreases performance. Convertibles are for BMW’s and cars that are sold for there Symbol and not its power. Then again all cars are sold for what emblem they have, this one seems to be different. It has the squinty lights in the front and ruined the back lights look horrible compared to the previous model. It still is very good looking but doesn’t really have any back seats.

Overall the car has the different engines, and a very good price range for what it is. It does however, not look like the Camaro of the past, but it has a very sporty look and feel to it. It will definitely turn some heads.



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