2015 Mustang Fasback

2015 Ford Mustang Debuts! This Time It's Definitely the Real Thing

In plane sight the Mustang has changed. The Mustang has been a timeless muscle car. It continue to makes slight changes as time goes on. The 2015 Mustang made a very major change to the body style with tis smaller lights in the front as well as the break lights. The exterior is not the only change though. Ford has been debating what to put in the car as far as an engine. Nothing has been 100% confirmed but there was rumor that they wanted to but a turbo 4 cylinder engine into it in order to get great gas mileage. Like all Mustangs though it will have separate engine offers like the 5 liter V8 that is expected to push 420 hp

The overall impression is its another beautiful edition to Ford’s Mustang line up. Although the body style is extremely different and doesn’t seem like a true mustang. It will take some getting used to, but I think over time the body style will just be natural and the older style might just become the new classic. The car still has the powerful engine and still has the good old Mustang feel to it.




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