The Corvette Stingray

This car is not only a piece of art on wheels. For most car enthusiast it is dream come true. This is the new Chevy Corvette Stingray. The Corvette is another timeless American Muscle car. The Corvette has been around for a very long time. It was one of the original sports cars. Their history is shown in this new Stingray. The design is practically flawless with its sporty exterior and its comfortable interior. By far though the best part about this car is not its 3.9 second 0-60MPH time, its 460 horse power, or its top end at 178 miles per hour. The price tag on this car is unbeatable. At $55,000 starting it is all you need in a sports car. Just 55K for a muscle car is hard to imagine, but a Chevy Corvette Stingray is especially hard to imagine.

The car is quick and definitely is a car that will be looked at by ever person. No body will know how much it cost when they first look at it, but then when they go home and are thinking “What car was that.” They will look it up and immediately rush to their local Chevy dealership and buy one. Unfortunately though this is not good. With a car like this priced like this the competition will have a really hard time to match it. This car should be at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to American muscle.



The 2014 Cheverle SS

2014 Chevrolet SS

The outside of the car is very bland and boring with not a lot of sharp edges and eye catching features. The inside however, is loaded the V8 generating 415 houses is no laughing matter. The interior is beautiful and well made. The car is the 2014 SS. It weighs a whopping 4,015 pounds which is a lot even for a muscle car and will still pull you from 0-60MPH in 4.9 seconds.

This car can be compared to the guy who sits in the back of the class room all throughout high school who got the grades, but was a very late bloomer. The car has a lot of potential with its rear wheel drivetrain and its massive engine, but needs to be refined for the later models. By no means is this the car to get if you want people to turn around and say “WOW what kind of car is that?” this is the car that sits in the background unnoticed until it has its pedal pushed down and is heard. That’s when this car will turn heads that’s when this car will be noticed. Until they redesign the out side this car is probable bottom the list when it comes to American Muscle.


The 2014 Camaro

2014 Chevrolet Camaro

This car is a part of American history. It went to competition with the Ford Mustang and lost in terms of sales in the past. Can this good old muscle spark new light?

Well the look is very nice and there is a Zl1 model which has the power and the looks of a great muscle car. It has the feel and the engine. The Camaro has had many models made each with different engine for instance the Zl1 model has a V8 with lots of power but its a convertible which raises insurances, increases weight, and decreases performance. Convertibles are for BMW’s and cars that are sold for there Symbol and not its power. Then again all cars are sold for what emblem they have, this one seems to be different. It has the squinty lights in the front and ruined the back lights look horrible compared to the previous model. It still is very good looking but doesn’t really have any back seats.

Overall the car has the different engines, and a very good price range for what it is. It does however, not look like the Camaro of the past, but it has a very sporty look and feel to it. It will definitely turn some heads.


2015 Mustang Fasback

2015 Ford Mustang Debuts! This Time It's Definitely the Real Thing

In plane sight the Mustang has changed. The Mustang has been a timeless muscle car. It continue to makes slight changes as time goes on. The 2015 Mustang made a very major change to the body style with tis smaller lights in the front as well as the break lights. The exterior is not the only change though. Ford has been debating what to put in the car as far as an engine. Nothing has been 100% confirmed but there was rumor that they wanted to but a turbo 4 cylinder engine into it in order to get great gas mileage. Like all Mustangs though it will have separate engine offers like the 5 liter V8 that is expected to push 420 hp

The overall impression is its another beautiful edition to Ford’s Mustang line up. Although the body style is extremely different and doesn’t seem like a true mustang. It will take some getting used to, but I think over time the body style will just be natural and the older style might just become the new classic. The car still has the powerful engine and still has the good old Mustang feel to it.


The 2014 TA Viper from Dodge

This car has the largest engine put in a production car. With an 8.4 liter V10. The Viper has pride in this title which is why the car is designed around the engine. Even though it has a beautiful design internally and externally. The car has a very large engine that makes about 640hp.The car also cost over $100,000 which gives it a very large price tag for the average consumer. With this price tag though the buyer knows they got a whole lot of car with a whole lot of history.

The car has a very long front end in order to fit the engine. It has a very sleek and sporty designed with a wide wheel base. The car has a break light on the back of it that is a viper the symbols of the car.

Overall the car is expensive and will eat at any bodies wallet as far as fuel economy. The Viper has a very pristine title though of knowing that you have gotten the largest engine on the market  although it may not be the most power, the fastest, or have the highest top end. It will still go very fast when you need it to. The car is also very good looking and will be easily recognized when driving down the street just by the noise alone. Its a great car that needs to be driven.


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